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  • About RockabillyFever

    RockabillyFever was thought of and created sometime in 2007. It received a good welcome at first by a few die hard rockabilly fans. This was short lived because over time within a year the site got more people signing up that were into the psychobilly scene rather than the rockabilly scene. Then before you knew it people were signing up that were not into any of the two scenes and started to add music and other content not related to the site.

    By the year 2009 the site just went down hill and the rockabilly enthusiasts were all about gone and it was for them that this site was created. So in 2009 PsychobillyFever was created and all existing members on this site were moved there.

    You would think a site with the name rockabilly in it would be a clue but many kept on disrespecting what this site was all about by adding content not related.

    It is now 2012 and RockabillyFever is now back online better and badder than before. We now have more strict rules in place in order to stop the past from repeating itself again. Any content not related to this site will be removed or will result in the member's account being deleted.

    The goal of RockabillyFever is to unite all people from all over the world who love rockabilly music and to gather them here so all who share this common interests can meet each other and have a safe place to communicate about rockabilly music without feeling like an outcast. Below are the Rules and some ideas and tips how you may use this site.

  • A few simple Rules to help keep this site going well and prevent it from going down hill again:

    • 1. No posting Images or music playlists that do not help in the promotion of rockabilly music or its life style.
    • 2. No name calling or putting other fellow members down.
    • 3. No free advertising your personal business or website without approval. if you like to advertise then apply for buying ad space.
    • Tips and suggestions on how to help RockabillyFever.com:

    • 1. Invite other friends here that you know love rockabilly music
    • 2. Put up our banner/logos on your other websites, Facebook, Myspace, etc.. Banners here
    • 3. Help us get other rockabilly musicians here by telling them about this site. NOTE: make sure they are rockabilly though..
    • 4. Those who have money help RF by donating or getting a VIP account. It takes money to keep this site going and updated.
    • 5. Keep active on this site and use it often. Log on every day if possible..
    • End of about us......

    Well that is it for the About Us section if you have any other questions not found anywhere on this page please send all your questions to RockabillyReb

    Contact Rebel here: