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09-15-2012 5:40:33

You not at Skegvegas Bill?


08-30-2012 2:31:38

Hey Thanks for suggesting this site... I am going to help you advertising it.. so we ll become HUGE!!! :-)


08-29-2012 7:26:49

Now then Bill...gonna be strange not having the bomber county cruisers show this weekend! Hope they bring it back next year...


08-10-2012 3:59:39

Thanks for accepting my Friend request.


08-03-2012 2:54:37

Thanks for accepting my Friend request.


07-25-2012 9:19:15

Now then Bill...i trust your keeping well. Already impressed with the music!


07-23-2012 12:16:56

Still alive & kicking youngster ;)


07-21-2012 11:19:50

Thanks for accepting my Friend request.


07-20-2012 2:35:49

Hey Bill, great to see you, I hope you're keeping well :)

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About Me: In 1980 when Stray Cats released their first album and singles from it, I was eleven, just finding my own feet and who and what I was, without any family or peer influence I absolutely loved this new rockabilly revival, Stray Cats Ė Polecats Ė Jets etc., these were the first records I ever bought with my own money. I would do my hair with a quiff and play my rockabilly music, despite all the stick Iíd get off the squares, but who cares, you are what you are. From being about eight years old had a great love of bikes cars and tattoos, by fifteen had had several of each, just discovered my long term love of bourbon whiskey. At nineteen was swallowed up into the biker fraternity for about fifteen years and had owned an array of cars bikes and trikes, appreciating and adopting the rock music and biker lifestyle to match, my hair and beard grew, I could just about sit on my hair until one morning after hard drinking woke up shaved bald Ė apparently was my idea. Only to have now reverted back to 100% rockabilly recently, my early thirties, oh god Iíd missed it so much, love the early original pioneers as well as the revival stuff that was my introduction. Iíve always been artistic, from sketching painting to air-brushing bike tanks, but am a graphic designer by trade. Iíve been all over our planet and am still hoping to see the places I havenít had the pleasure yet. Iíve had so many spectacular vehicle crashes, itís actually amazing Iím still alive Ė just. Iíve drank so much whiskey over the years, I reckon it would have to be measured in bath tubs full. In my vicinity, we got some fantastic rockiní local R'n'R clubs and bands that all play regular, keeping the scene alive. At present my rides are two Cadillacs, a PT Cruiser and a Ford Econoline van [see my groups].
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Rockabilly Rules!

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