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RockinRebel Posted: 07-16-2012 2:49:23
   Post Subject: Please introduce yourself here

I know on your profile is where you tell all about yourself but in order to get this forum going it be best to say a little something about yourself in here.

Thanks :(

RockinRebel Posted Reply: 07-16-2012 2:55:26:

Hello I call myself RockabillyReb and use to go by the name Rebel66 because that was the only ID I could get when I created my yahoo account a long time ago hahah.

Anyways I am the owner and founder of RockabillyFever. I bought the name like in may of 2007 then sometime afterward I created this site. You can read more about the small history in my Rant N' Ravings on my profile. Hope all your rockabilly fans will appreciate what I am trying to do with this site. Have fun and enjoy yourself

steve (Rock) Jenkins Posted Reply: 08-25-2012 3:01:54:

Well hello all You Cats and Kittens my name is Steve Aka Rock I've been into Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Big band Swing, for a very long time I'm a friend of Jays We used to hang around together I have a large grey quiff and have a few tattoos my favorite band are the Stray Cats
KERRNEL©™ Posted Reply: 08-26-2012 7:09:47:

hey whats up, im kerrnel or you can call kern, the name comes from my real name (last) but in spanish which translates to colonel but some cant pronounce it even in english, go figure, so i made it kerrnel.

...uh, anything els youd like to know, feel free to ask
TriflerShawn Posted Reply: 08-27-2012 12:43:22:

Hey name is Shawn.
I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Long time fan of all forms of roots rock, but especially old school rockabilly.

I play guitar and sing in a band called "The Bedlamville Triflers" We've been around for about 3 years. We're a 3 piece, guitar, upright bass and drums.

I look forward to meeting some new rockabilly fans!

Rooster Posted Reply: 08-31-2012 5:53:19:

I'm Rooster, not very out going and social, but every once in a while, I make a slight effort.
Shanks Posted Reply: 09-14-2012 12:29:50:

Hey folks I'm Shanks, just the name that stuck, I can't say I've been into rockabilly for a real long time, but when I heard it i couldn't stop. I'd have to say my favorite band is the stray cats, though i really like some of the stuff lee rocker went solo on.
Jay Posted Reply: 09-15-2012 10:12:40:

Hey guys, I'm Jay been into Rockabilly since a young age, I like to dabble with my guitar, although I'm no Brian Setzer :)
Richie and the Blue Jean Rebels Posted Reply: 09-20-2012 4:18:43:

I'm Richie, I'm the leader of a new small band in Southern California called Richie and the Blue Jean Rebels, I have played some killer shows, although I'm not Brian Setzer, I have played with several of his band members. I have played shows with John Hatton, his current bass player, and Robbie Hioki his bass trombone player. You can check out some videos of our first show, they aren't the best but they aren't terrible, and we have come a long way since then.
RadioDixie Posted Reply: 10-20-2012 5:01:30:

My name is Tommy and one of my hobbies is making
24/5 NON STOP Rock & Roll / Rockabilly radio on the internet!!!

Saturday from 10am CET non stop DooWop

Sunday from 10am CET non stop ELVIS!!!

You can listen to my online stream: (for the Dutch page) (for the English page)
Click on the link LIVE RADIO!!!
Then your windows mediaplayer opens.

For every other mediaplayer type by +URL: mms://

Or copy and past: mms://
In your browser and the windows mediaplayer opens!!!!!


On Twitter:

On YouTube:
Scarlett Von Munster Posted Reply: 11-23-2012 11:48:15:

Hey I'm Scarlett.. send a message or request and you'll find out how I am
The Big A Posted Reply: 12-24-2012 10:47:35:

hows it going everyone
antonio is the name but at work adopted the name the big a
chill guy with 2 cool jobs
one of em being a movie theater
Rooster Posted Reply: 01-17-2013 10:17:21:

i am out. i have been here since the third or fourth day the original site started. met some really cool people over the years. some things just happened that i cant ever be content with "dealing with" so take care everyone and have fun.
if anyone needs me for anything ever, you can find me on facebook from now on.

stay sick,
Fletch Posted Reply: 03-29-2013 6:26:13:

Hi Y'all ... I'm Fletch and I'm pleased to meet ya ..
Vega Posted Reply: 04-21-2013 6:58:20:

Hey any single gals out there, messege me and introuduce your self, Im sure to messege you back with a Hello

Michael Deluxe Posted Reply: 08-06-2013 11:34:06:

Hello people. My name is Michael. Single dad. 40. San Diego

Feel free to add me on here and facebook.