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RockinRebel Posted: 07-16-2012 2:49:23
Monica Burnett Posted Reply: 10-22-2013 5:22:53:

Rockabilly rules ok!!!!!!!
RockinRebel Posted Reply: 10-23-2013 12:33:20:

Hahahaha yes it does Rule!
kent18 Posted Reply: 09-16-2016 11:23:20:

Howdy, all. I'm Kent (58, married), and I sometimes feel as if I most be the only living, breathing rockabilly fan in the Seattle/Shoreline area. ;) Just looking to chat with other 'billy fans, basically.

My playlist on Spotify, if anyone's interested:

Glad to meet you all!
DJ Otto Fuchs Posted Reply: 10-18-2016 12:34:11:

I was born on May 13th 1978 in Mariazell, Styria /Austria. I discovered a deep passion for Roots Rock & Roll and early Rockabilly, while being in my early teens. With fourteen years old, I became the youngest writer for the german „Rock & Roll music magazine“ ( From 2000 - 2004 I hosted The Rocket 88 Show for KRKT 99.1 FM Rock It Radio, Ventura / California. Numerous interviews with 1950s Rock & Roll Legends such as Billy Lee Riley, Marvin Rainwater, Charlie Gracie, Gene Vincent Blue Cap Drummer Dickie „Be Bop“ Harrell, Bill Haley´s Comets members Marshall Lytle and Bill Turner were led & recorded by myself for this show ... During that period I also placed various articles in the german „Dynamite - The World Of Rock & Roll“ Magazine (not published anymore. In 2005 I started to contribute reviews and interviews for the German Jive, Swing & Rockabilly Magazine „Slam Bam“. Bob Timmers of the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame recruited me as columnist for the Tennessee based Rockabilly Hall Of Fame ( While I continued to write in German for the Stompin´ News magazine, the column for the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame was the first medium which required me to write in my second language - English. During a trip to my former home, London (I lived there from 1997 - 1999), I met John Howard. Soon we came to the agreement that UK Rock , whose editor John Howard was then, would publish my work as well. I currently host the Internet Radio Programme “The Rockin´ The Joint Show” on Rock It Radio. ( and Rockabilly Rules OK on . In 2011, the book “Bill Haley – Father of Rock & Roll” written by myself was published. (Wagner Verlag ISBN: 978-3-86683-901-4) It was also promoted with two appearances by Bill Haley´s youngest daughter Gina Haley at the “Shake, Rattle & Roll Weekender” in Great Yarmouth and the "Kings of Rock & Roll Weekender" in Weston-Super Mare, England. (March and October 2011). I accompanied Gina Haley to both concerts, and also wrote the linernotes to the album “Rock & Roll Lifestyle” which Press-Tone released by Gina Haley with the English Tribute band Phil Haley & The Comments. 2014 saw me back on Rock It Radio. My biography Bill Haley was made available in a revised edition entitled “Bill Haley – The Father of Rock & Roll” (Wagner / Verlagoo Publishing) in the same year also. This Bill Haley Biography is currently available as a two-volume Paperback on "Books On Demand Publishing".