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Its Martini Time!!
Male - 44 years old
United States ,CA
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GeneralSaving the world from destruction.
TelevisionBreaking Bad. REvolution. Family Guy. American Dad. X-Files. Star-Trek. Star Gate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.
Books1984 A Brave New World Of Mice and Men

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Status: Single
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Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Riverside
Body Type: Average
Education:In college
Height:6ft 3in

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Company Name: Hells Haulers
Company state: SoKal
Company City: Riverside
Title: COO

Box Car Chris It's go time!!.

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About me:

I am crazy. I have no direction in life. I dropped out of high school to start a band. That failed so I sit in my room most of the time playing WoW while the radio in the background plays the same old song. I have no car so if you want to hang out you need to pick me up. I have no job so you might have to pay for my way in. And I live with my parents, hell why not, I am sure your situation is the same.

Who I'd like to meet:
Your Mom. President Barack Obama. Elon Musk. Ralph Nadar. Hippies.

People that can take a joke.

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09-07-2013 8:37:37

Doing pretty good thanks :)


09-07-2013 8:48:46

Howdy Chris, hows life treating you?

East Los Ponygirl

09-05-2013 9:31:41

I emailed him so not sure what his plans are but another time would be great. I don't think I'll be staying late because of the buses. I have to look it up on the Metro site. Okies Chris, we'll meet up for the next one.

East Los Ponygirl

09-05-2013 11:26:59

Hey Chris so there's a bit of confusion going on but from what I understood, Dotty (Ponydot) and I are going to a show at the Airliner this Saturday that possibly you and Atomic Alexander are going and we could meet up and hang out. But then it was something about one of you convincing the other to go and I forget what else, I'm sleep deprived, but yeah... if you go to a show this Saturday at the Airliner, say hi! I gonna try to sleep now.

Lori Diablo

09-02-2013 5:01:05

Not a prob ;-)

East Los Ponygirl

08-22-2013 1:24:01

Cool, I'm still trying to get a clue when it comes to college. I'm told I have the potential to go and succeed and yet I let little things get in the way... anyway, you gonna keep a blog or journal while you study Chris?

East Los Ponygirl

08-16-2013 4:37:02

Hey Chris, how's it going? You can get multiple associates degrees? Which Cal State you planing to go to?

East Los Ponygirl

08-15-2013 5:52:32

That's awesome Chris, what will you be studying? I'm doing well, just dealing with this heat, bleh!

East Los Ponygirl

08-15-2013 6:47:19

You're very welcome Box Car Chris :) Sow you be doin;?


08-05-2013 7:07:57

You're welcome :-)

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