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Atomic Reverend Alexander

Rockabilly isn't just music for me, its a whole culture.
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GeneralMy interests include the following: The HELLS HAULERS BROTHERHOOD even as we get older and go our own ways I just want to tell you guys that you are all a bunch of bitches but you're still my boys, I have a real car that was involved in a bank robbery, she has been named DETHKAR and I write stories of her posessing whom ever is driving and causing them to do right by commiting the ultimate sin of murder. I am a grill master and Bbq'ing almost all critters with the boys is kind of my thing. I have a super crazy absession for mid-20th century American culture has turned me into a collector of sorts and what I can't afford to buy in nice shape I will build or restore to make it what I want so far my list of completed items are a dozen travel trailers, a couple of appliances, winged cars well I'm lieing I havent really restored any finned cars but I have brought back from the dead quite a few and currently I'm currently working on my 1960 dodge pickup. I love fixing junk to like new shape and putting it back into use I own a couple of 1950s Televisions that I have replaced tubes in and made work but I'm now on a hunt for a Philco Perdicta the ultimate in modern 1950s design I prefer to watch black and white horror on a era correct tv just for a more authinic feel. I have made a few pieces of mid century furniture (want to see ask me I will show you a pic, I'm pretty proud of what I have built). My next major purchase is going to be a mid century modern home some where in Riverside or the OC. I am a history buff for all American culture through the Regan era. I love long pointless drives through Americas long forgotten back roads and old highways, seeing places that have history to them that is off beat or a bit strange or maybe abandoned and forgot. I have a metal detector and I enjoy going out and finding stuff (I know I won't get rich but its the excersise, fresh air and the history I'm after). I enjoy camping and would love to go more I prefer the solitude of a rustic camp ground but I might be ok with a beach just because the California coast is amazing and people all know this. I want to live the mid century life style with a slight rockabilly twist. Now on to the other good stuff I love mid century everything including: finned chryslers, Ramblers, Nash's, atomic age, sputnik, space race history, blonde furniture, pink kitchens, sea foam green bathrooms, the simple lines of mid century modern design, real steel hotrods, 1950s history, Kustoms with a "k", tear drops & canned ham travel trailers. Now because of this awesome obsession I love Craigslist searching, estate sales, flea markets. If and when I have any other free time I love the outdoors including hiking, fishing, camping and maybe even hunting. VLV rockabilly weekender everyone into this crap should experence this show at least once, in fact this is how I realized I wasn't almost all alone in this hobby turns out there is lots of people with this addiction (along with a quite a few fake-a-billies, but we need those to make fun of hahaha). I fucking love driving & cruising in an old ride but even a new one I can make an adventure out of it! History in general because with out learning the past there is no future. I love building anything, I dig gardening pun intended, Coi ponds especially mine, and what kind straight guy would I be if I didn't mention pretty, sexy girls (now only if I hung out with some or even one lol), I am a foodie so I'm not sure if this is an interest or should this be in the about me section but either way I got to say eating burgers and tastey treats is sort of my calling! I dont care if Zombies are trendy they are fucking one bad ass group of monsters, needless to say I love the ultimate in reanimated corpses the monster of Frankinstein. I drink Mountian Dew its sort of like coffee to me and incase you haven't figured it out I like vintage stuff. I am inspired by punk rock that inspired the resurgance in rockabilly and psychobilly...
MusicThis is a rockabilly site, but I like almost all 1950ish music all the way through about 1964 but. Hank Williams Sr., Wanda Jackson, Hasil Adkins, Nick 13, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Cadillacs, Union ave., Patsy Cline, Bill Haley, the amazing Marti Brom, Karling, there is so many bands I can't list all the bands that I listen to but there is numerious other bands including a lot of psycho and old school style punk rock. What I will say is say is I am trying to collect some of the greats on vinyl for that awesome sound. That a CD will never match.
Movies Just about every Zombie movie I've ever seen, all car chase movies, I love horror and other evil doings movies, sci-fi is also bad ass.... I won't mention any names of what I like but I'm really picky with movies and I can say if you think movies like cable guy are good, please leave me alone.
TelevisionYeah, umm, uhhh, cartoons are cool, both new and old needl ess to say Tom and Jerry, Jetsons, Daffy, Bugs and the gang, now for the newer cartoons Moral Oral, oh an of corse The Venture. Bros. go team venture! I like Am. Daddy so much I'm will buy a ford expedition just like Stans,I'm serious just watch. I used to like the nerd tv channels like pbs, history and nat geo. but I'm pretty sure they are just reality crap now, I like a few funny shows from modern times like Married With Children (my favorite show), and the Big Bang Theory is good too, at least it has smart wit, I love vintage tv from the early days like father knows best or the early 1960s gilligians island for a couple of examples and of course I should mention the Munsters and the twilight Zone. There is also a few home rebuilding shows although smart tv shows are running thin I can still think of a time where tv was a fun way to learn.
BooksIts a Brave New World, Trailer Trash, Weird US, Lost America-The Abandoned Roadside West (the greatest photography book ever). The American Hotrod, National geographic (I know it isn't a book but I'm a real nerd I like learning), Rebel rodz, popular Science, Atomic ranch, and a few more books and mags.
Heroes:Nope no rockabilly heros, aren't they just like us but with a decent voice? If you want my heros I would say my dad for being a real man and even though we had some differances he was my best friend and I thank god he raised me to have values, morals and respect for others, RIP old man. My other hero is my mother for being the most loving woman I have ever met and I'm thankful I still have her in my life.

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Atomic Reverend Alexander Reb, you should give me this site I believe I can make it hop like a 1950s sock hop. .

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About me:

I have a ton of passions and if your reading this you must be interested in learning a few of them so I'll list some of my randomness them off here in type in on perticular order. By looks wise I'm full on blue collar rockabilly, punk guy, I'm not really active in the rockabilly show scene although I have my moments. I've had the same hair style since I was 18 and I will have it until palmade is illegal. I'm a hands on hardcore DIY kind of guy which means I may have busted open knuckles from working on stuff, the scares on my face and body show I'm hands on and a little careless at times. Now the truth be told I am not a big people person, I get along with people well and I'm polite and friendly but given a choice it would be my girl (when I had one but that's a story like a Hank Williams sr. Country song just another sad story hahaha), My dog Paige and her lazy Lab ways my few true friends, all that being said I am ok with the rest of the world going through the zombie apocalipse and dieing off, I don't think I would shed a tear for them. I live in one of the worlds largest suburbs (southern ca) and I got to say I am about over the city living I might miss the food but not most the people and noise. I'm outdoorsy I enjoy hiking, fishing, biking and a little hunting. I'm not a photographer but I love taking artsy photos and I try to shot photographs of things that interest me or that I feel are really awesome although I somehow manage to forget the camera more often then not and I guess for that I am thankful I bought a smart phone it takes pretty good pics for being a pile of... I'm a resent ex cigarette smoker I quit after 21 years for a few reasons, I miss smoking but I'm glad its behind me. The way I present myself is just a little hint of who I am. I guess by a looks definition I am a white male about 5’10” that looks Rockabilly, Psychobilly and maybe a little So. Cal punk rock as in blue collar 1987 style. I don’t do to many shows (music and cars) and I don't really care too I've been to a lot of shows and honnestly most suck (please ask and I'll explain), but that said I love driving to either of them in an old rattling rusty bucket of a car because it isn't about the destination its about the pilgrimage getting there. I work hard most the time but never seem to have enough money all most all the time especially the last few years. I have a thing for girls named Christina (its a joke due to my datting past), so if your name is little female Christ hit me up hahaha. I am not a religious man, nor will I ever be but will not condemn someone for having faith. I believe that I have a pretty good set of values in allot of different areas these are just a few things that I fill I represent in the value category. I'm a true manly man, I enjoy drinking beer and numerous mixed drinks, but yet I hardly ever drink, because a clear head is A level head I guess(allthough a frosty PBR sounds really good as I edit this). When I do drink I prefer a mass produced domestic beer, I'm not some dirty yuppie there is a reason american beers are the best selling. I think animals were put here for my tasting pleasure but yet I love them in nature. Chrome on black is my favorite color combo even if chrome is a metal…I believe 50's and 60's vintage Cadillac’s and winged Mopars are the greatest pieces of automotive art to ever exist. Hotrods should be down right mean and nasty, not cute and friendly. I don't smoke weed. (I write this because almost everyone else does) or do any other kind of fucking drugs.
Who I'd like to meet:
Doc Brown so he can take me back to 1955 because I'm pretty much over this bad music, junk chienese products world that I inherited from the smelly hippie generation. The other person I would like to meet, I am thinking doesn't actually exist but if she does she could say hello anytime now because I'm getting tired of wasting time. I'm serious just write hello! Lol

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